5 Ways To Get Social and Meet People In A New City

It can be a challenging and unsettling experience starting over in a new place no matter what your age. I hope that I can give you five suggestions that can be helpful. These ways are: Meetups, Join a club, Join a gym, get a dog, and take a college class.

1. Join Meetups

These Meetups start online and can easily be found on Meetup.com – just search by your interests. There are organizations from wine tasters, sports enthusiasts to social causes. It is not hard to find a meetup that suits you. Once you join online, you will be invited to physically meet others in your meet up choice. This should not be confused with joining a club.

2. Join a club

What is your favorite hobby? If you like to dance, play trivia games, get competitive over a game of air hockey, play chess, or whatever your passion there are others who share the same thing. Google your favorite passion, and you will find addresses and phone numbers for places to go where people meet to share the same passion. There are also clubs that are oriented around parents and found children. These are Mommy and Me clubs. Some people like religion oriented clubs that have lectures on art and other issued that will concern your religion.

3. Join a Gym

Not only is a gym a great place to exercise and become fit, but you will also meet other people and be able to strike up a conversation in the locker room or by the exercise equipment. Some of these gyms have little cafes where members can snack, have lunch, and socialize. Many of these fitness centers have swimming pools where many members not only swim, they also like to socialize. Some of these gyms have pool exercise programs. If you have a disability that impairs your walking, the pool fitness program is a great equalizer.

4. Get a Dog

It will surprise you how much attention you attract when you are out walking your dog. Not only will you attract people without pets you will attract other pet owners. Your dog will let the world know that you are a loving, compassionate person worth getting to know. Dogs are excellent conversation pieces and ice breakers. You and your new friends and fellow dog owners can help each other become excellent pet parents. You will also be surprised what other interests you and your fellow dog owners share.

5. Take a College Class

You do not need to apply to a large university. Somewhere in your new city, there is a community college. As long as you have a GED or a high school diploma you have a more than 90 percent chance to be accepted. Not only are there first two-year college classes, but there are also classed that can improve your skills and give you new ones. You can learn a new language, take up SCUBA diving, take a tax class, or a gourmet cooking class. You can even learn how to dance. No matter what you take, you will be out in the world with people you meet on a weekly or few times a week basis. There will plenty of time to cultivate a new friendship or several.

I have shared with only five of the many different ways to make friends. Happy socializing!

Best Viral Social Media Stars Ever (So Far)

It used to be that getting famous was pure luck for a tiny fraction of the population. Now with social media, it is surreal how the most average of people can become an overnight sensation. Here are just a few.

Chewbacca Mom

What began as a shopping trip for yoga pants became an excuse to get a present for Candace Payne’s two children. Or was it herself? Candace bought a Chewbacca mask when she realized that it made noises. When she got into her car, she put the mask on and showed her friends her purchase over Facebook live feed. Suddenly she couldn’t stop laughing. The world couldn’t stop sharing.

Damn, Daniel

While Chewbacca Mom had what many would consider to be a hilarious cackle, some viral stars can’t be easily understood by many. But that didn’t stop two friends, Josh and Daniel, from having their video shared virally and be invited to the Ellen Degeneres show. As Daniel walks around showing off his new clothes, Jose is in the background exclaiming “Damn, Daniel!” Although many people have said such things to their friends before, no one apparently took a video of it for a chance at online stardom. Was it the clothes that made Daniel popular, his look, or what is now an overused expression? Or maybe it was those white Vans that he was rocking. But seriously, Daniel needs to learn how to clean white Vans to keep those kicks looking fresh for his vids.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

Kimberly Wilkins may not have had time to die in a house fire, as she said with this famous catch phrase in an interview. She did later have time to sue Apple though for their use of her expressions from the interview in a video called “I Got Bronchitis.” This brings up an interesting concept that had previously only been seen with Hollywood. Just because a video is viral, its contents are not free for the taking. Share all you want though! (this is definitely my favorite of all time!)

Four Legged Fashionista

It is easy for animals to be famous along with their two legged companions. Once on death row at an animal shelter, a Yorkie puppy named Ella Bean is now one of the most famous dogs. Her owner, Hilary Sloan, makes clothing for the dog and uploads pictures to her Instagram account. Ella Bean has such a natural way with poses that her owner now has to share the spotlight.

Skeptical Baby Meme

If you have ever seen a meme with a baby pondering the world, it’s probably Mason. It was originally a family photo that was taken at the Museum of Natural Science. His mother didn’t realize the look on his face until she uploaded the photo to her Flickr account. The rest of the world noticed and shared right away, and inquiring minds want to know what can a baby be pondering so hard about in the museum?

If being famous has been a dream, it’s never been easier. Try it out and see! Just one click, your life can be changed forever.

A Peak Inside The Office Of A Social Media Company

Just like all the other big Silicon Valley offices that you hear about, those of the big social media companies are just as cool and non-traditional. And we’re not just talking about fancy cafeterias or free lunches.  Check out what you can expect in the Boston office of Facebook in the photo below.

Yup, walls decorated in a funky, interesting way and the fun of a foosball table. After looking at a list of the top foosball tables, we think they’re playing a Tornado Tournament 3000, which means a top of the line table. For a social media company, well really just any tech company, this sort of thing is the norm. At this Facebook office, you will also find lots of standing desks and art by local artists.

You’ll also find a foosball table (from that same list) in the Twitter office in San Francisco. Check it out in the photo below.

Twitter HQ: Larry Land

Now, Snapchat has a really interesting thing going on with their office. For starters, it is in a building that is supposed to be mixed use with some condos. As a result, the “condos” have beds with closets where there are clothes on hangers – but no one really lives there. Oh, and did we mention that this office is in Venice Beach with amazing views of the ocean? Yeah, that’s is pretty awesome.

Twitter HQ: Roof deckHonestly, my favorite office of all the social media companies is definitely Twitter. The San Franciso building is just beautiful on the outside. And they have all this great outdoor space. It is actually a roof deck, which is actually a pretty sweet setup.

There’s lots of outdoor furniture on the roof, which gives you several different seating options for soaking up that vitamin D while you are at work. I would LOVE to work at a place with one of these.

And from the photos, it looks like they have some outdoor lawn games on the roof, like cornhole, and maybe some others that aren’t visible in the image.

They also seem to have a pretty cool gaming room with some ping pong tables, old school arcade games, and a large TV that is hooked up to some gaming consoles.

Twitter HQ: Larryland

To see more photos of how awesome the Twitter headquarters in San Franciso lool, check it out here on Flickr.

Ways to Use BLAB to Market Your Business

Do you run a business? Want to know how to use BLAB to market it? If you do, then continue to read on.

1. Offer Live Customer Service– Find out what questions are commonly asked by your customers, and then host a session to answer those questions. After you have done the live BLAB, feel free to use the video as content on social media sites. You can also use BLAB to hose a Q&A session, and this is where you can answer questions asked by prospects and customers, who submitted them via messaging, or you the users can submit their questions if they are participating in the video-feed.

2. Showcase New Products And Services– You can use video to showcase a new product you’re selling or a service you’re offering, and best of all BLAB allows you to combine up to 4 video feeds at a single time. This means you can use use one feed to show the product and another feed can be the narrator, while another feed can be a customer sharing their comments. This allows you to both showcase your product and show the best practices to the people viewing your video.

3. Incorporate Your Customers In The Process– Many companies don’t allow their customers to be apart of the process when it comes to how they should add new products or when it comes to figuring out how to streamline their products. BLAB can be useful because it allows you to receive feedback in real-time, but keep in mind that you will be taking a risk if you receive feedback in real-time. The good news is it can have a huge positive impact on your business.

4. Share Insights– You can use BLAB to update customers and potential customers about the latest things going on with your company. You can also provide them with insights on the top trends in the industry. Another thing you can do is conduct interviews with loyal customers or employees, and you can provide people with useful content in order to promote your company

5. Test Replacing Types Of Digital Marketing– BLAB can be used to test various methods that may be able to replace the current methods you’re using. Some examples include using BLAB for webinars or using it as a podcast. You can even turn your blog posts or social media posts into a BLAB, and this can come in handy if you are more of a visual presenter than you are the typing type.

Also, not only can you embed your file onto a blog/site post, but feel free to re-purpose it and use it as an Instagram video. You can choose to do nothing with the video. You also have the option to publish it on YouTube, but the choice is completely up to you, but feel free to edit and publish your video, as this will help you get the most from it.

Using Video Live Streaming Apps For Marketing Purposes

We all know about the top video live streaming services like Periscope and what they have to offer for the average person. While most individuals have been using these services to show what they are up to and see what are other people are doing, marketers have a whole different use of the streaming services, and not just one. Here is a couple of compelling applications for video live streaming:

Company Announcements

If a person in your firm has just received a massive promotion, or your team has achieved something great, live streaming a straightforward video about such an announcement is an excellent way to showcase your team and open doors for greater connection opportunities. This will inevitably connect better with people and enhance your brand name.
Event Marketing

Using these video live streaming services, marketers can easily stream live during company events. For instance, the service can be used to stream a huge product announcement, one that is anticipated to be a game changer. All you need to ascertain is that you use the event hashtag in the title, and you will easily increase visibility.


Video live streaming is an ideal way to give commentary on important news stories for your company or industry and customers as well. Just ensure that you cover the relevant points, and add a bit of your own flavor with the team commentary.
Supplement Customer Research

Learning how your existing and potential customers use live video streaming both professionally and personally can be employed to expand your client research process. Just remember to follow them so that you can be notified when they announce a forthcoming stream.
Product Demos

If you have a new product and do not think that a press release will have a significant impact, you might want to try a ‘pop-up’ product demo and share it with your audience.

Which Is A Better Presence For Increasing Relevance: Meerkat vs. Periscope

Both Periscope and Meerkat streaming services are similar but they are not the same. There are distinctions that you need to know about so you can decide which of these video streaming services to choose to best suit your purposes.

Periscope Snuck Up On Us
Periscope lives up to its name. One day it seems it came up for air and made an appearance. It has made a big splash, as many Internet sensations have made their way thanks to Periscope.

Periscope is a favorite among internet marketers for several reasons. It shows performance statistics on the number of viewers retention and even the average viewing time after the video stream ended. The drawback is that older comments get sacked in order to make room for newer Commons. So there is not that same ability to search out comment as a Meerkat.

Periscope was under development an entire year before it went live while Meerkat merely took 8 weeks for its development process to take shape. This is most evident in the fact that Periscope leads in its visual appealing interface and the high standard of its video. Periscope allows you to save videos even after the live streaming has come to an end. You can see who is viewing the video, but it opens over the video making it harder to view it.

Periscope is one of Twitter’s own babies, and it is therefore fully integrated with Twitter. You can decide whether or not you want to share your live streaming video on Twitter or not.

The Basic Characteristics Of Meerkat
Meerkat allows chat function for the sharing of both links and comments among followers. It is a good way to stay in touch with your followers. Anything posted in the chat forum is automatically posted to your Twitter profile

What’s cool about Meerkat is that it shows the icon for the individuals who are at the moment watching your videos. This makes interacting with your followers easier. As soon as the live streaming goes away then the video is also gone. Video cannot be saved.

People are able to easily search and find their comments long after they have been posted. People really enjoyed how this platform work so well with Twitter. For instance, on Meerkat, it is easy to see who is also a Twitter user. In addition you can find out who is following you who is also a meerkat user. There’s someone who would a follower from Twitter was streaming on meerkat an alert would show up in Meerkat. However since Meerkat no longer uses Twitter social graph that functionality is going away.

Those are the basic benefits of Meerkat vs. Periscope. Do you have a favorite?

What is Periscope?

Twitter users can now enjoy Twitter’s all-live, streaming video service named Periscope. Periscope is very user-friendly, and allows users to watch live streaming video feeds from anywhere in the world all by smartphone, meaning that you can watch a live stream of effective first date ideas to seeing videos from potential first dates at the click of a button.

Unlike Meerkat, another live-stream app, Periscope allows users to save video streams once the stream has ended, making them accessible for viewing for up to 24 hours after completion. On Meerkat’s platform, once the video stream ends, it disappears and is no longer available for viewing. Meerkat and Periscope are not the first live-streaming apps, but they learned from the mistakes of previous apps that are now outdated and no longer utilized. With the expansion of 4G networks and more and more people utilizing WiFi connections, live streaming applications seem set to stick around, and make connecting with others around the world a lot easier and less complicated.

How Does The Periscope App Work?
Both IPhones and IPads as well as a host of other mobile platforms have the ability to record onto Periscope. Once a stream has started, it can be viewed from other smartphones as well as either desktops or laptops. Periscope feeds can be accessed either through Twitter’s site or through the Periscope app directly. Users can press the TV icon located on the lower left of the Periscope screen to gain access to current live streams or recent broadcasts housed on the system.

Downloading Periscope:
Since Periscope is Twitter’s live-stream app, users must have a valid Twitter account in order to use it. To get the Periscope app, users can visit the App Store. Once downloaded, new Periscope users have the option of subscribing to broadcasts on Periscope that are based off of followed Twitter users. Every time a stream begins from one of the selected subscriptions, users will be notified. Messages can be sent to the hosts of live-streams from within the stream itself. Users can also send “hearts” to indicate approval or appreciation. This app can be a great addition to a private level dating site, and has multiple potential uses across multiple websites and services.

Ways to Use Periscope for Businesses

Periscope is proving itself to be a very powerful social media tool, and skilled businesses are using it in innovative ways for marketing. Let’s look at some ways to use Periscope to market your business.

1. Live Product Demonstrations

If your business is launching a new product or product line, be sure to show your audience the details on Periscope. You can even do an interactive demonstration by answering live questions from viewers. Be sure to show off new product features, exciting package, and pertinent information about the product.

2. Discuss Hot Industry News

Periscope is a great way to offer news up to your online community before the media has a chance to rehash it. It could take hours to put together a quality blog post on an innovation within your industry. On Periscope, however, you can discuss the trends in the marketplace live. Then use the conversation you’ve had with your viewers to write a post, produce a training video, or generate high quality content.

Sharing highly relevant content allows you to show that you’re the go-to person in your industry. This helps others to perceive you as an authority figure, and sets you above your competition automatically.

3. Stay Connected with Industry Influencers

Periscope is an awesome way to connect with the people who have influence within your industry — the real movers and shakers. If your goal is to get noticed, it’s important to show up in their broadcasts regularly, make high quality comments, ask reasonable and interesting questions, and share their broadcasts throughout your social media networks.

Periscope can also help you work towards developing closer relationships with industry leaders that you’ve met in person.

If you need to remember to tune in for specific broadcasts, make sure to turn on your push notifications. Then, be sure to mute the notifications for everyone except the specific individuals that you want to stay connected with.

Once you know that specific people broadcast at the same time every day, or have a regular weekly schedule, you can stick a reminder on your calendar so that you can be sure to tune in at the appropriate time.

4. Allow Viewers a Glimpse Behind the Curtain

If your goal is to connect with your viewers on a deeper level, use Periscope to provide them with a glimpse into your personal life, or to take them behind the scenes and show them how you run your business. You can even begin a conversation by answering several questions from your audience during the broadcast itself.

If you write books, share a few teasers about what you’re working on, or ask your audience for feedback about what you’re currently writing. If you operate a store, consider providing a peek at items that have recently arrived.

5. Grow Your Mailing List

Periscope broadcasts are an excellent opportunity to grow the size of your marketing email list, as well. During your broadcast, be sure to ask your viewers to comment with their email address to sign up for your list. You can then add the addresses to your database at a later time.

Importance of Social Media to Businesses

Social media is becoming a key part of day to day life. It is more than just selfies and question on lunch choices. Social media platforms growth has been notable over the years. Research shows that nearly 20% of adults login to different social media sites. These sites are inclusive of Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, google+, blogs, Vine, Instagram and twitter. This reflects our credible craving to associate with each other around a mutual concern. Not only do these sites offer a platform where we are connected in each other’s lives, they also provide a platform for online selling, marketing and advertising.

Social media offers a whole new pattern for communication and retailing online. It presents an age of great limpidity and legitimacy and creating a new stage for interface from one person to another. It is then important for any business to be in as many platforms as possible, if not all. It is also important to understand that you get dissimilar benefits from different sites. It is there for important for a business to choose a platform according to the business’ needs. Social media plays a significant role in increasing a company’s brand. It also empowers a company to interrelate with other companies and through this learn from them.

The entire globe is now linked regardless of the time of the day. The digital generation is given a variety of affordable promoting tools. Social media platforms impact how businesses market and sell their products. As more consumers move to online buying, their shopping pattern also changes. This in turn transforms advertising, marketing and global business at large.

Social media platforms allow institutions to associate directly with possible customers and buyers on a singular basis, at a lower cost. They offer a platform for actual and competent way of creating a sense of connection with the consumer. Social media has also made it easier for the business to get feedback on the goods and services they offer. Compared to the past where one had to wait an extended duration of time, social media is fast and pocket friendly.

Social media is vital to all aspect of lives. It impacts professional and personal features. These sites allow speedy exchange of information making it even more vital. The importance of social media websites will keep increasing in years to come. It is then imperative for businesses to prioritize marketing and advertising on social media.

Twitter Versus Instagram: What Are The Main Differences?

Social media platforms have taken the world by storm over the past decade. With smartphones and tablets, millions of people are using social media apps each day. Twitter and Instagram are two of the most commonly used apps and websites. This article discusses the differences between these sites and the benefits that each one provides.

Twitter is a platform that is much more focused on sharing information. Some people compare Twitter to a social gathering or party. When you want to find gossip, news, crisis information, and other stories, Twitter is the go-to place. Most major news outlets and entertainment outlets use Twitter to keep millions of people updated on the hottest stories.

One negative aspect of Twitter is that contains a lot of noise and clutter. With so many people using the site, it can become difficult to navigate the search results. For example, say you searched for “One Direction” to find news about this band. You’d also find tons of search results from random fans. This can make it time-consuming to find the information you want to see.

Instagram is a platform that is much more focused on sharing photos and videos. It is used by everyday people, celebrities, and major brands alike. As the name suggests, it allows users to instantly snap and share videos and photos in mere seconds. Instagram also allows users to connect their profiles to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. This means they can easily share their media throughout multiple channels.

The search feature on Instagram is a bit more refined than it used to be. You can sort your search results by hashtags, usernames, and other options. This makes it easy to find the photos and videos you are looking for. However, it has not always been this simple. The search feature used to be a bit cluttered like Twitter is.

For social and business purposes, Twitter and Instagram both offer numerous benefits. Overall, the apps and sites are pretty easy to use when it comes to sharing content. Use Twitter to share and find text-based information, and use Instagram to share and find photos and videos. You get the best of both worlds when using both platforms.

Overall, these are the primary differences and benefits of Twitter and Instagram. Create an account for free on these sites to explore them for yourself. You may find benefits and differences of your own that you enjoy.