A Peak Inside The Office Of A Social Media Company

Just like all the other big Silicon Valley offices that you hear about, those of the big social media companies are just as cool and non-traditional. And we’re not just talking about fancy cafeterias or free lunches. ┬áCheck out what you can expect in the Boston office of Facebook in the photo below.

Yup, walls decorated in a funky, interesting way and the fun of a foosball table. After looking at a list of the top foosball tables, we think they’re playing a Tornado Tournament 3000, which means a top of the line table. For a social media company, well really just any tech company, this sort of thing is the norm. At this Facebook office, you will also find lots of standing desks and art by local artists.

You’ll also find a foosball table (from that same list) in the Twitter office in San Francisco. Check it out in the photo below.

Twitter HQ: Larry Land

Now, Snapchat has a really interesting thing going on with their office. For starters, it is in a building that is supposed to be mixed use with some condos. As a result, the “condos” have beds with closets where there are clothes on hangers – but no one really lives there. Oh, and did we mention that this office is in Venice Beach with amazing views of the ocean? Yeah, that’s is pretty awesome.

Twitter HQ: Roof deckHonestly, my favorite office of all the social media companies is definitely Twitter. The San Franciso building is just beautiful on the outside. And they have all this great outdoor space. It is actually a roof deck, which is actually a pretty sweet setup.

There’s lots of outdoor furniture on the roof, which gives you several different seating options for soaking up that vitamin D while you are at work. I would LOVE to work at a place with one of these.

And from the photos, it looks like they have some outdoor lawn games on the roof, like cornhole, and maybe some others that aren’t visible in the image.

They also seem to have a pretty cool gaming room with some ping pong tables, old school arcade games, and a large TV that is hooked up to some gaming consoles.

Twitter HQ: Larryland

To see more photos of how awesome the Twitter headquarters in San Franciso lool, check it out here on Flickr.

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