Which Is Best: Twitter Or Facebook?

There is an ongoing debate with internet marketers about the best social media platform for driving traffic, getting attention and generating leads for their products and services. The two big hitters in the marketplace are Facebook and Twitter, which every business should use to their advantage. However, the question is which of these is the best use of time? This article will cover the answers.

Let’s look at Facebook first.


Most people involved in internet marketing and social media marketing say that Facebook is the best platform for connecting with people on a more in depth level. This comes down to the way the platform is designed, and the conversations that can take place there.

There is a lot of space on Facebook which can be used for questions and replies, as well as images and videos. This leads to better connections over time, and the Facebook users seems to like this, and respond to this.

As such, to build a following and boost traffic on Facebook, you need to be offering valuable information on a regular basis, instead of just sending out sales messages, or trying to close people on your products and services. This is the best way to use it.


Twitter can produce an avalanche of quick traffic, but there are some marketers who say the conversion rate is very low. This may be different based on the market, so you will need to test this yourself. The Great thing with Twitter is that you can blast out messages during the day, as it takes so little time and effort.

Twitter traffic tend to respond well to themes, images and motivational quotes, as well as positive statements about the thing they are interested in. Doing this is the best way to take advantage of the traffic source on Twitter. Remember you only have 140 characters, so you need to have a concise message which is directed to your people.


Twitter and Facebook are the two most popular platforms on the Internet, and they dominate the social media landscape. Note that both attract a slightly different type of visitor, so you need a varying approach when using them to drive traffic to your website, or when promoting your products online. If you follow the advice above then you can get maximum benefit from both. Get the traffic and the get the buyers.

Social Media Marketing Is Booming

Social Media Marketing has reached a maturity that it deserves, because it engages people in what they are looking for in things to buy, and also allowing them to have fun while doing it.

Not only can people investigate new products as they pop up on social media, they can browse and explore the new items while they are chatting with friends or just hanging out.

That is the whole idea about marketing with a social media outlook. When you have a product that shows itself when people are relaxed and enjoying themselves, the product is likely to cause people to take a look.

This is especially true when you, as the marketer, can target the demographic of the people to whom you wish to see your product. For example if you are selling sewing supplies, you will want people who sew to see your wares.

This makes for a much more efficient advertising spend when you can focus in on your target audience like a laser, narrowing down the people by many different categories.

Billions of people go onto Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others every day, to mingle, browse, gawk, and generally just hang out. When you target those in a certain demographic, just as has just been mentioned, you are hitting the people just when they are most susceptible to looking at what you have to offer.

They are relaxed and under no threat or pressure, so if they look at an ad you might have just posted on your timeline, they are interested, at least to look.

When you post something, make it worth the people’s while to respond. If your product is something that looks good to them, they might purchase it, or ask for more information. Give people a good reason to ask for more information, or to pass the information along, or “share” it with friends.

Once you get people sharing your product and ideas with their friends, the product could go “viral” or be shared with friends of friend and then their friends too.

Each social medial platform has its own stable of true believers who are loyal to that venue. Pinterest followers will have a host of friends on that platform who will follow them and at least look at what they are talking about.

Just make sure that they are talking about you and what you have to offer, and you’ll make out alright.

Want To Be Successful On Twitter? Use These Tips

Social media has been around for quite some time and there is no evidence that it is going away any time soon. Millions of people get online to check their social media accounts, whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, or a plethora of other sites where they can socialize with the world. One of the most popular social media networks is Twitter. If you are a Twitter user and want to make be more popular on the social media site, you can be. Simply use the tips shared in this article and watch your followers and retweets grow.

First of all, you should post about things that are going on in the world today. Was there a big professional basketball, football, hockey, or baseball game? If so, tweet about it, share a funny picture, or some other information that someone who enjoys the sport will enjoy. If sports aren’t your cup of tea, share political posts, food information, finance news, or travel tips. It is important to find your niche and post the latest information regarding it. This will get people to see you if they are interested in the same thing.

Next, use relevant and popular hashtags. These are the best way to get people to find your tweets and photos. For example, if you post a picture about the latest baseball game, create a hashtag that is trending. This will put your posts in the search results that searchers may be looking for.

Then, stay active on Twitter. While you don’t want to be too active, posting tons of tweets or pictures each day, you do want to visit the site a few times each day to say something, share something, or respond to questions or comments, or possibly ask questions. When you take the time out of your day to respond, that shows your followers that you are a real person who cares.

In conclusion, you can be successful on Twitter. Start by deciding on a niche, although you don’t have to only post about this topic, but make a majority of your posts related. Then, use the most popular and trending hashtags, and stay active on the site. By following these tips, you will find your popularity on Twitter growing. Keep up your efforts and the results will all be well worth the time you spend socializing on Twitter.