Using Video Live Streaming Apps For Marketing Purposes

We all know about the top video live streaming services like Periscope and what they have to offer for the average person. While most individuals have been using these services to show what they are up to and see what are other people are doing, marketers have a whole different use of the streaming services, and not just one. Here is a couple of compelling applications for video live streaming:

Company Announcements

If a person in your firm has just received a massive promotion, or your team has achieved something great, live streaming a straightforward video about such an announcement is an excellent way to showcase your team and open doors for greater connection opportunities. This will inevitably connect better with people and enhance your brand name.
Event Marketing

Using these video live streaming services, marketers can easily stream live during company events. For instance, the service can be used to stream a huge product announcement, one that is anticipated to be a game changer. All you need to ascertain is that you use the event hashtag in the title, and you will easily increase visibility.


Video live streaming is an ideal way to give commentary on important news stories for your company or industry and customers as well. Just ensure that you cover the relevant points, and add a bit of your own flavor with the team commentary.
Supplement Customer Research

Learning how your existing and potential customers use live video streaming both professionally and personally can be employed to expand your client research process. Just remember to follow them so that you can be notified when they announce a forthcoming stream.
Product Demos

If you have a new product and do not think that a press release will have a significant impact, you might want to try a ‘pop-up’ product demo and share it with your audience.

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